Welcome to TBH

Society and the environment, and our customers above all, always demand that the latest technology be used when building plant; and we meet this demand through designing new projects and restructuring or extending existing systems. Selecting the right procedure or process, configuring systems, procurement and coordinating planning work over time through to monitoring assembly and commissioning are key factors here. Our many years’ experience and the large number of projects we have handled, both in this country and abroad mean TBH can call on an extensive knowhow today. The quality of the services we offer in designing and implementing projects is guaranteed by our quality assurance system which meets ISO 9001:2000 and SCC**: 2004. What we aim for above all is to meet customers’ expectations. Our active commitment to working together permanently on a basis of mutual trust is one of the main factors for the future which makes TBH stand out as a reliable, high-level partner.