Ing. Oliver Grabner was born in Vienna in 1968, and studied mechanical engineering. After completing his studies, he was involved in submissions to the authorities on a number of projects for OMV and Integral Montage. He was also head of technical purchasing and was responsible for site supervision, documentation and commissioning at EBS Vienna. He moved to the family company TBH in 1996, since when he has been responsible for design, supervising construction and commissioning both in this country and abroad. He has been a member of the management since 2009.

DI Andreas Grabner was born in Vienna in 1970, and studied process technology at the Technical University of Graz, graduating as a process engineer. After graduating, he worked with Mobil Austria, Shell, VOEST and OMV. He joined the family company in 1997, and has been responsible for implementing projects since then. He joined the management in 2009.

Ing. Herbert Grabner was born in Vienna in 1939, and studied mechanical engineering at HTL followed by four semesters of process technology at TU Graz. He started work at OMV in 1960, as a designer in the projects department.

After projects in oil and gas fields such as extraction stations and oil and gas pipelines, he was involved in extending the tank farm at Lobau until 1965. During this time, he designed improvements in tank constructions and the waste water treatment process, resulting in two patents such as steel catchment trays for large-capacity tanks and a process (tanks with worm gears) into which oily waste water is pumped and the oil separated by centrifugal force. This method was subsequently used to clean ballast water in large tanker ships.

From 1966: initially, supervising construction of refinery plant at Schwechat, specialist building management in equipment and pipelines, designing and issuing invitations to tender for process systems such as ethylene systems

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