Our mission and vision

We are an Austrian engineering agency for mechanical and systems engineering, working mainly in the petrochemical industry in energy and environmental systems.

We see ourselves as partners for international projects, with the right professional and organisational skills required. We see our staff, who stand out for their flexibility, team spirit and commitment, as our number one resource. We are concerned and aim to develop their abilities, both professionally and personally. We cultivate intensive contacts and communications with all our project partners. The quality of our ideas and services and our systematic approach to handling projects ensure our clients are satisfied. We see improving continuously in all respects, meeting legal and official requirements and avoiding accidents involving personal injury or damaging the environment and/or property, involving not only our own staff but also those of third parties, as the guiding force in everything we do. Opening up new markets, extending our skills and creating strategic partnerships are the foundation of our long-term success._Unternehmen06